NanoHybrids project conclusion on 30 April 2019

Pilot scale production of aerogels produced at BASF Lemförde. Pictures: BASF Lemförde

NanoHybrids started on 1st November 2015 to develop a new generation of nanoporous organic and hybrid aerogels for industrial applications. Main objective has been the upscaling from laboratory to pilot scale production.

After 42 months NanoHybrids reached its main goals: a number of novel bioabased, organic and hybrid aerogel particles can now be produced in pilot scale for the first time. The combination of experiments and modelling resulted in improved production processes with defined parameters.

Main achievements can be summarized as follows:

  • Production of different types of aerogel particles with Jet Cutter technology and emulsion technique
  • Production of bio-aerogel particles by emulsion technique and continuous solvent exchange in 50 L scale
  • Modelling of different steps of aerogel production processes established
  • Process of supercritical drying of aerogel particles in industrial scale firstly proved
  • Prototypes are being tested

The knowledge has been made available for further research and development via a number of open access publications and reports. The project ended on 30 April 2019.

Read the Final Public Report for more details

NANOHY-Synthetic_Aerogels_Fact Sheet
NANOHYBRIDS-Pilot Plant at TUHH_Fact Sheet
NANOHYBRIDS-Foodgrade__Aerogels_Fact Sheet
NANOHYBRIDS-Bio-based__Aerogels_Fact Sheet

Public deliverables


More results are available for download here


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