NanoHybrids lectures on Symposium on Aerogels and Aerogel-Inspired Materials

17- 21 April 2017, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The aerogel community will be meeting once again at the Materials Research Society (MRS) Spring 2017 Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, USA from April 17-21, 2017. There will be 16 invited speakers and four days of talks. The symposium will also feature a tutorial at the beginning of the week that will include an overview of the diverse types of aerogels now attainable, synthesis, characterization, equipment, applications, and drying processes.

Members of the NanoHybrids project team will contirbute significantly to Symposium NM3: Aerogels and Aerogel-Inspired Materials on the conference:

  • Nicolas Leventis (University of Patras) is one of the organisers of NM3 and will be chair of several sessions
  • Nicolas Leventis (University of Patras), Tatiana Budtova (ARMINES), Barbara Milow, Philipp Niemeyer, Kathrivel Ganesan (all DLR), Wibke Loelsberg, Marc Fricke, Dirk Weinrich (all BASF), Irina Smirnova, Raman Subrahmanyam, Pavel Gurikov (all TUHH) will lecture about their research on NanoHybrids and beyond
  • BASF Polyurethanes GmbH is one of the supporters of the symposium

More information:
Symposium NM3: Aerogels and Aerogel-Inspired Materials (pdf)

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