Aerogelex received Nanomedicine Award 2017

Congratulation to Raman Subrahmanyam and Aerogelex:
Yesterday, on 8 November 2017 they have won the Nanomedicine Award for the best nanomedicine deal category. Aerogelex has been born out of TUHH and the NanoHybrids project.

The Nanomedicine Award is a biennial event that began in 2013 to honor the best projects in the field of nanomedicine.
The European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine (ETPN) and ENATRANS  announced the 2 recipients of the Nanomedicine Award 2017 at Bio-Europe  2017.
Patrick Boisseau the Chairman of the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine officially announced yesterday the winners of the Nanomedicine Award 2017 at BIO – Europe conference in Berlin. The award review board agreed to distinguish two excellent projects:
the Best Nanomedicine Early Clinical Stage Project and the Best Nanomedicine Product/Deal.
Winner of the Best Nanomedicine Product-Deal Award:
Aerogelex (Germany), a start-up company incubated at Tutech Innovation GmbH with a project developing a new generation of nanoporous aerogels at a pilot scale : “Biopolymer aerogels for Pharma, Nutrition, Life Sciences and Care”, presented by Ramam Subrahmanyman (
The Award Ceremony and the presentation can be accessed here (Aerogelex between minute 8 and 11 and from minute 19 onwards) :

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