Aerogelex received Nanomedicine Award 2017

Congratulation to Raman Subrahmanyam and Aerogelex:
Yesterday, on 8 November 2017 they have won the Nanomedicine Award for the best nanomedicine deal category. Aerogelex has been born out of TUHH and the NanoHybrids project.

The European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine (ETPN) and ENATRANS  announced the 2 recipients of the Nanomedicine Award 2017.
Patrick Boisseau the Chairman of the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine officially announced yesterday the winners of the Nanomedicine Award 2017 at BIO – Europe conference in Berlin. The award review board agreed to distinguish two excellent projects:
the Best Nanomedicine Early Clinical Stage Project and the Best Nanomedicine Product/Deal.
Winner of the Best Nanomedicine Product-Deal Award:
Aerogelex (Germany), a start-up company incubated at Tutech Innovation GmbH with a project developing a new generation of nanoporous aerogels at a pilot scale : “Biopolymer aerogels for Pharma, Nutrition, Life Sciences and Care”, presented by Ramam Subrahmanyman (

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