DLR presented aerogels at ILA 2018 in Berlin

The exhibition ILA 2018 (Innovation and Leadership in Aerospace) took place in Berlin from 25th to 29th April 2018. The Department of Aerogels of the German Aerospace Center (Institute of Materials Research, Cologne) presented various types of aerogels for diverse application including thermal insulation, foundry additives and adsorbing materials.

A high number of engineers were interested in light materials with regard to automotive or aerospace lightweight construction. Especially, reinforced silica based aerogels gained attention for high temperature shielding application. The low thermal conductivity of inorganic silica aerogels aroused high interest by visitors. Additionally, absorption capacity of biopolymer based aerogels as developed within the European H2020 project NanoHybrids  were discussed with trade experts, students and other interested visitors.

Our exhibits at ILA enabled high visibility of our research in the field of aerogels applications. The attention of international and national technology experts and materials scouts were excellently addressed.

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