Innovation Award Imagin’Maïs for Lucile Druel, a researcher on NanoHybrids

Congratulations to Lucile Druel!

She is doing her PhD in the group BIO under the supervision of Tatiana Budtova. The topic of the dissertation is cellulose aerogels in the frame of the European project Horizon 2020 “Nanohybrids”.

Lucile got an award Prix Imagin’Maïs 2016/2017 in the “innovation” category for the work on starch aerogels which she performed during her internship in CEMEF a year ago.

The project describes a new material, starch aerogel, and its application, which is not yet known by corn industry. This project opens new prospects in the development of 100% biobased material which, for the time being, exists on lab scale.

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EPNOE Newsletter – March 2017

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