Institute of Materials Research German Aerospace Center

DLR is Germany’s national research center for aeronautics and space. Its research and development work in aeronautics, space, transportation and energy is integrated into national and international cooperative ventures. DLR’s research portfolio ranges from fundamental research to innovative development of applications and products of tomorrow. DLR operates large-scale research facilities for the center’s own projects and as a service provider for clients and partners. It also promotes the next generation of scientists, provides advisory services to the German government and is a driving force in the regions centered on its various locations.

DLR employs 8000 people working in 29 institutes and facilities at 13 locations in Germany. The DLR budget for in-house research and development work and other internal operations amounts to approximately €850 million, of which approximately half comes from revenues earned by DLR.

Research at the Institute of Materials Research is dedicated to research, development and characterisation of advanced materials for aeronautics, energy and transportation applications. Advanced materials are e.g. new superalloys, intermetallics, hybrid materials, coatings, thermo-electrical generators, high temperature ceramic composite materials and aerogels. The institute has 100 employees, scientists, technical and administrative staff. Currently the institute participates in European projects funded by the EC. It participates in special programs of the German Science Foundation (DFG). The department on aerogels has a 20 years experience in sol-gel processing and aerogel synthesis dedicated to industrial applications, which is documented in 25 national and international patents and more than 40 refereed journal papers. The department organises regularly national and international summer schools on aerogels.

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