Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of RUSSIA (MUCTR)

Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia has its roots going far back into the 19th century. MUCTR is among the leaders of Russia’s technical universities, and has the highest rating among Russia’s chemical technology schools. The University graduates occupy leading positions in the areas of research and production, government authorities, and small and large businesses.

Today University has:

  • Over 10,000 students, including over 200 students from 30 foreign countries;
  • 500 post-graduate students and interns;
  • 550 PhD holders and Associate Professors;
  • 220 Doctors of Science and Professors;
  • 11 Academicians and Correspondent Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The University has entered into cooperation agreements with the universities and various companies from different countries. MUCTR carries out major international conferences, symposia, and seminars which are held, for example, under the auspices of UNESCO, IUPAC, and the Russian Chemical Society. The University actively participates in the international, academic, and international research programmes financed via grants issued by various government and private foundations.

MUCTR develops innovative technologies and new materials with financing from various sources: Russian Ministries and Foundations, Russian and European industries.

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