Nano-enhanced industrial materials: Building the next European industrial revolution

Aerogel beads, produced by jet cutting. Picture: T. Goller/DLR

Have a look into the latest CORDIS Results Pack which regularly report on projects funded by Horizon 2020. NanoHybrids is proud to be featured as one of the projects building the next European industrial revolution.

The development and integration of advanced nanomaterials is a key ambition for the European Union as it seeks to make European industry more innovative and more competitive. This CORDIS Results Pack showcases 14 EU-funded projects that have all addressed the upscaling of laboratory-proven nano-based technologies for reaching industrial-scale production and application, providing exciting new opportunities for European industrial production.

Read more about 14 EU funded projects which will all achieve significant impact.

NanoHybrids: Next generation aerogels offer industrial solutions

Download the pdf of the CORDIS results pack on nano-enhanced industrial materials

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