NanoHybrids lectures on 2017 MRS meeting in Phoenix, Arizona

The 2017 MRS Symposium (17- 21 April 2017, Phoenix, Arizona, USA) brought together the leading scientists in the aerogel area. Thanks to different formats, including scientific talks, panel discussions, tutorials and short “Gel Talks” all visitors were highly involved and contributed to the meeting with intensive discussion.



Violin Aerogel Sculpture, 2006 © by Dr. Ioannis Michaloudis

The exhibition included different types of commercially available aerogel materials and also “Aerogel Art” from the scientist and artist Ioannis Michaloudis, who presented his new aerogel sculptures and installations.

Members of Nanohybrids (Milow, Smirnova, Leventis, Gurikov, Weinrich) were actively involved in all parts of the Symposium.

The results of the project “Nanohybrids” were included in talks of Barabara Milow, who has given an invited talk about the adsorption of different volatile compounds and gases on organic aerogels:

Polysaccharide Based Aerogels as Sustainable Absorbing Materials
Barbara Milow, Philipp Niemeyer and Kathirvel Ganesan; DLR and Irina Smirnova, who  has presented the modelling of supercritical drying and solvent exchange for the production of aerogel particles:

Modelling of the Extraction Processes for Aerogel Production
Irina Smirnova,Alberto Bueno Morales, Ilka Selmer, Raman Subrahmanyam and Pavel Gurikov; TU Hamburg-Harburg.

Symposium NM3: Aerogels and Aerogel-Inspired Materials (pdf)


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