NanoHybrids presents on EuroNanoForum 2017 in Malta

Raman Subrahmanyam at EuroNanoForum 2017, Picture: Monica Schofield, Tutech


Today the EuroNanoForum 2017 has started. EuroNanoForum focuses on how nano and materials technologies can strengthen competitiveness across all European industries. 1000 delegates meet in 3 plenaries and 15 sessions, 100  speakers are engaged.

On Wednesday, 21 June 2017, session Session 14 was dedicated to Pilot lines for industrial implementation and chaired by Hans Hartmann Pedersen from the European Commission.

Pilot line facilities are efficient catalysts for innovation, helping overcoming upscaling barriers and the “crossing of the valley of death” between invention and market. During the session 14 pilot lines pitched the opportunities they offer for transferring new technology to manufacturers and into new products.

NanoHybrids was one of those who pitched their approach. The pitch of Raman Subrahmanyam was well received by the audience.

” I became interested in aerogels about eight years ago and was lucky to be able to work on this  topic under the guidance of Prof. Irina Smirnova (TUHH). Over time, I was fascinated by the industry interest on organic aerogels and professionally, was motivated to bring these remarkable materials to production scale. However, it was only with the structure and the objectives of Nanohybrids, that we could conceive the vision of Aerogelex, a start-up to develop the overall aerogel market and industry network.

Born out of TUHH and the Nanohybrids project (EU), Aerogelex was offered an opportunity to pitch its services and exhibit aerogel products at the EuroNano Forum 2017 in Malta. My main expectation in this event was to meet new people and develop contacts but in actuality, this forum provided me a larger platform to interact with both industry and academia to understand the new growth directions of Aerogelex. I also learnt about the various opportunities and platforms that the EU already has in place for entities such as Aerogelex to access which would clearly eliminate future redundancies. I was also moved by the warm nature of the participants and personal touch of the organizers.

All in all, it was an amazing experience in Malta and I would recommend the EuroNanoForum as a “do not miss” event. “

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