Nanomedtab ETPN event in Malaga: Experts of Nanomedicine Translation Advisory Board provided advice to Aerogelex

Raman Subrahmanyam at EuroNanoForum 2017, Picture: Monica Schofield, Tutech

Raman S.P. attended the ETPN event in Malaga between 17-19, October. Prof. Mike Eaton and Dr. Stephan Lensky were the TAB experts assigned to provide feedback on the Aerogelex strategy to develop aerogels for nanomedicine applications. The Aerogelex proposal to develop biopolymer aerogels for the pharmaceutical and life sciences market was warmly received by the experts who provided critical advice regarding future development. At the end of the two hour intense discussion, the Nanomedtab experts also offered consulting support to Aerogelex over the next months of its start-up development. Furthermore, Raman S.P. also presented at the ETPN pitching session, where new potential partners from the ETPN network also expressed an interest to collaborate with Aerogelex in the future through EU funded projects (2019/2020). Based on the suggestion from the ETPN members, the Aerogelex has also submitted its proposal for the Nanomedicine Award 2017 for the best Nanomedicine product/deal category. The proposal is titled ” Biopolymer aerogels as an alternative to silica for life science, care, pharmaceutical and nutrition markets “. The prize composes of:
1. BIO Europe 2017: full ticket including Partnering
2. BIO Europe 2017: 10 minutes presentation of the project
3. ETPN General Assembly 2018: 10 minutes presentation of the project
4. 1 year of ETPN’s free membership
5. A round of consulting by the experts of the ETPN Translation Advisory Board (TAB)

The winners of the 3rd Nanomedicine Award may also gain visibility in the biotech’s, pharma academics and financing areas (events, media coverage, networking, etc.).

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