Nestlé Product Technology Centre York

Nestec York Ltd. is part of Nestlé group which worldwide has 450 factories across 84 countries, employing 280,000 people. At the Nestlé Product Technology Centre York, Nestec York Ltd. employs a multi-national team of 140 staff focused on developing and supporting the company’s confectionery business worldwide.

As an expertise centre, areas of activity include: research into confectionery manufacturing and packaging technologies; process innovation; product innovation and renovation; factory process design and implementation; mastery of ingredients; nutrition, sensory and formulation science; and technical support to the confectionery manufacturing operations of Nestlé worldwide. To this end, they are a highly relevant partner involved in the project, as they are constantly striving to invest on behalf of the global company in new technologies and innovations in order to improve production processes, the qualities of the final products, and to delight the consumer.
Nestlé PTC York has throughout its 25 years maintained a strong portfolio of supported PhD studies with key European universities for the mutual development of scientific knowledge and the nurture of young research scientists, and has also contributed in numerous precompetitive multi-participant research initiatives.

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