Scientific exchange between ARMINES and INNVENTIA

Lucile Druel (Armines – MinesParisTech Cemef): A few words about my stay in Innventia
In the frame of Nanohybrids project, I have spent one week in RISE, Stockholm, from the 27th to the 31st of March 2017. The purpose of this stay was to make beads based on pulps of various cellulose/hemicellulose/lignin compositions prepared by Innventia. The idea was to follow the CEMEF protocol to dissolve the pulps and to produce beads from these solutions by the JetCutting technique. The final goal is to make aerogel beads based on pulps.
Together with Anna Östberg from the Cellulose Science and Technology group of RISE, we successfully prepared solutions from pulps and tested different settings of JetCutter (geniaLab) to make beads of various sizes and shapes.
Cellulose, and in particular pulps, are not easy to dissolve and thus the control of solution properties is challenging. There is still a lot to learn how to use JetCutter for making beads from dissolved pulps with desired shape and size.

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