Successful European Nanotechnology Research

In order to think ever bigger, you have to go ever smaller.
Science is looking for the key to greater achievements by turning its
full attention to the manipulation of structures in the order of a few
millionths of a millimetre, the nano domain.

This publication describes research projects of the different clusters.

Nanomedicine is represented by its three main branches: Diagnostics,
Drug Delivery and Regenerative Medicine;
Energy and Environment reveal the potential to give the world cheap
access to clean water and energy;
Electronics/ICT and Nanomaterials cross over into virtually all
nano-territories, including Industrial Applications, Security, Textiles
and Agrifood.

The safety of nanomaterials and processes is being very actively
researched as shown by the large portfolio of projects under the cluster
Environmental and Human Safety, while societal issues of nanotechnology
are addressed under the cluster Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects.
Finally, the clusters on Outreach and policy Coordination and Support
are closing the loop building nano-networks within the scientific world,
structuring nano-educational platforms and communicating nanotechnology
research to the whole society.


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