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RISE researcher receives half a million for the production of fossil-free aerogels

Fernando Alvarado at RISE Bioeconomy, one of the partners of NanoHybrids, is awarded this year’s Skills Prize from the Gunnar Sundblad Research Foundation. The award of SEK 500,000 will be used to initiate a Swedish research platform for cellulose-based aerogel particles that can, among other things, replace traditional absorbents, thickeners and microplastics. The prize has […]

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6-month trainee position available at Centre for Materials Forming (CEMEF) of MINES ParisTech

CEMEF is looking for a trainee to work “Cellulose aerogel beads” in the frame of European project “Nanohybrids”. During this internship, the student will prepare aerogels from cellulose solutions using “green solvents”, NaOH-water and ionic liquids, and make beads of different sizes. The preparation of hybrid organic-inorganic aerogels will also be considered. Various methods of […]

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