The Aerogel Community – stimulating knowledge transfer on aerogels

Aerogel beads produced with jet cutter. Picture: T.F. Goller/DLR

The NanoHybrids Consortium and their research colleagues beyond the project have a strong interest to enhance and distribute the knowledge on their fascinating research area much wider. Thus TUHH’s Institute for Thermal Separation Processes created a website for the Aerogel Community which offers researchers investigating aerogels the opportunity to communicate with each other. Researchers will find news relevant to novel research and development on aerogels, announcement of upcoming aerogel-related conferences and events, aerogel academic and industrial job postings, and more. Researchers are invited to register to get additional access to copies of publications and contact information for community members.

TUHH joined forces with Aerogel Technologies, LLC. This enhances knowledge transfer and visibility on aerogels beyond the target group of researchers to a larger audience. They provide a comprehensive open resource about current knowledge on aerogels and aerogel production.

The mission of is to empower, inspire, and motivate people to gain knowledge on nanoporous materials and to catalyze the discovery of new technological possibilities for aerogel materials in the process. Interested people will find an encyclopedic reference about aerogels, an extensive photo gallery, interviews with aerogel scientists, and how-to guides for how to make aerogels of your very own. It provides knowledge on making aerogels and discover user-generated recipes for making aerogels of all sorts.

Currently early-stage researchers have the opportunity to learn about aerogels hands-on in the 5th International Summer School on Aerogels at DLR in Cologne. On Monday, 24 September 2018 the Fourth International Seminar on AEROGELS 2018 will start in Hamburg and offer lectures and posters on latest research. Virtual learning can be continued afterwards on

Programme of the Fourth International Seminar on AEROGELS 2018

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