Three projects for master students available at MINES ParisTech and Aalto University

Picture: Laurent Schiatti de Monza, MINES ParisTech

Picture: Laurent Schiatti de Monza, MINES ParisTech

The Centre for Materials Forming (CEMEF) of MINES ParisTech, Sophia Antipolis, in France offers three 6-months trainee positions for master students, one of them in the frame of Nanohybrids.

“AEROBEADS – Cellulose aerogel beads”

The internship will contribute to the development of a new genearation of nanoporous organic and hybrid ultra-light materials, aerogels, with multiple functions for applications in gas and humidity adsorption, personal care and food. The aerogels will have to be in the form of particles of various shapes and sizes. The purpose is to insure high porosity and controlled pore size distribution in order to provide high pore surface area and pore volume coupled with particle controlled shape and size.
The part of Nanohybrids project performed in CEMEF laboratories will concern the preparation and characterisation of cellulose aerogels in the form of beads.
During this internship, the student will prepare aerogels from cellulose solutions using “green solvents”, NaOH-water and ionic liquids, and make beads of different sizes. The preparation of hybrid organic-inorganic aerogels will also be considered. Various methods of making beads will be used. Fluid rheology will be extensively considered.

More information: master-position-aerobeads-in-cemef-2017

“Bio-Aerogels” :

Aerogels are ultra-light, highly porous and nanostructured materials and the most known ones are based on silica. Bio-aerogels are a new generation of aerogels that are fully biomass-based (usually polysaccharide-based) which opens up a lot of potentials in biomass valorisation and making new functional bio-materials.
The applications of bio-aerogels are numerous: recently we demonstrated that bio-aerogels can be very efficient thermal super-insulating materials, and because polysaccharides are biocompatible and biodegradable, their aerogels can be used in biomedical (scaffolds) and pharmacological (controlled release) fields.
The goal of the work is to prepare aerogels based on a selected polysaccharide, to characterise them and to understand and correlate the structure of polysaccharide with aerogel morphology/porosity and properties. Functionalisation of gels and aerogels will also be considered.

More information: master-position-bio-aerogels-cemef-2017

Master position “Short fiber reinforced all-cellulose composites” at Aalto University, Helsinki Finland

The master project will be devoted to the preparation and characterisation of all-cellulose composites reinforced with short cellulose fibers.

More information: master-position-all-cellulose-in-aalto-2017

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