University of Patras

The University of Patras was founded in 1964 and has played a major role in the decentralization of Academic Education in Greece. It is the third largest University in Greece in terms of students, faculty, administrative personnel, number of departments, and accredited student titles.

The University of Patras consists of 24 departments, 112 laboratories and 14 fully equipped clinics. In addition to the mission in education, the University has excelled in basic and applied research in a wide range of disciplines from the environment, health and medicine, biotechnology, nanotechnology, mechanics, electronics, informatics. Several departments, laboratories and clinics have been designated as Centers of Excellence, on the basis of international assessment.The Department of Materials Science was established in September 1999 as a proactive step to the international upsurge in interest in functional materials. Areas of focus emphasize on nanoscale phenomena drawn from the quantum nature of matter and the expected significant impact of nanotechnology. The mission of the Department is to provide education and training through advanced research in the areas of: (a) structure and properties of materials; (b) material design and processing; (c) development of advanced materials; and, (d) applications of materials to advanced technologies.
The Department strategic approach targets to the areas of micro-/nano-phase materials, molecular materials, biophase and biomaterials with a clear aim to bridge the gap between traditional technologies and the modern nanosciences and

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